About Tenshi

Hi Everyone!

Basically, I am ANN GELYN  AGRAVANTE.(ANGEL) for short. I am using  tenshi Kyouryoko as my blog title because in Japanese translation, Tenshi Kyouryoko means a brave angel. TENSHI=Angel as for my first name and KYOURYOKO=Brave as for I want myself to stand. I creat this blog because I want to share who really is Tenshi Kyouryoko or rather Angel Agravante. I want to share the  journey of my life, my thoughts and experiences, through sadness and happiness, up’s and down’s, an updates on my personal life, my travels, hobbies  and current events that interest me. Other than sharing my personal life through this blog, I’d like to meet and engage with new people, eventually making them real life friends.

I am a graduate (batch 2006) of Asian Institute of Computer Studies with a degree in Computer Science. May mga experiences na ako sa pagttrabaho sa ibat-ibang field. pero sa ngayon, ako ay isang taong bahay. Patuloy na naghihintay ng kapalaran sa labas ng bansa. (meron nga ba?) lol. On a more personal side,I am pretty athletic,artistic din..i can play guitar, i can draw, i can dance and sing at kung anu ano pa. What you see is what you get. I also like to travel and experience new stuff along the way. I am game, im up for everything,as in everything. You only live once so i want to try everything and have no regrets. Kasi I dont want to look back and think that I wish I could have done this or that. Marami kasing bagay sa mundo ang masarap gawin pero yung iba hindi dapat. As long as your happy then go with it!(yun naman palagi ko sinasabi)…I like to do things geared on self-development and improvement like eating right, going to the gym, have a healthy lifestyles & making plans(kaya lang di ko magawa gawa, need pa ng Uber motivation. haha)…if you want to be friends with me here, add me up on facebook its ann_agravante@yahoo.com and follow me on twitter @iChugeTwitt and i will leave you this quote “you are who you are and that’s all you can be… look at the world and say this is me, take it or leave it… who cares what others think”, We all want something beautiful, we wished for something true. and that’s it folks!.. Enjoy reading my blog!…:)


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