Reasons why I still want to be with you..♥

Okay. It’s a long day for me, i guess.. hirap talaga maging julalay ng pamilya. hehe..pero ngayong magpapahinga ako,naaalala ko nanaman yung L ng buhay ko. Naalala ko malapit n nga pala sya mag celebrate ng araw ng kanyang kapanganakan. Invited kaya ako o hindi??..hmmm… i dont know. Pero for me, I would definitely love to see L. Kasi I still want to be with L. I want to share some of the reasons why I still wanted to be with this amazing L. If your reading this, I want you to know how lucky and proud I am to be with the most amazing person that iv’e been with for how many years. There will be times that i’d be pissed, times where i did not understand you, where giving-up will be the easiest thing to do but when those time come, i’ll just read this list over again. that way i’ll never forget how or why i’m with you.. because this time, running away is not an option. 🙂 advance happy birthday L.

Here are some of the reasons:


  1. You know and understand what i’ve been through.
  2. You saw me in my most-frustrated-suicidal mode and still you thought i’m fascinating.
  3. You give me time and space which you know, i needed.. most of the time.
  4. You love and embrace my family.
  5. You completely know who i am.
  6. You know all my flaws.. and still you embrace them.
  7. You never held back.
  8. Because of your intellectual capacity to understand my weirdness level.
  9. You notice those little things that i’m not even aware of.
  10. Because you never made me feel less important even if we both know we have different priorities right now.
  11. Because you know my needs and my wants.
  12. You support me– morally, emotionally and spiritually.
  13. Because you really want to be in my world– even if that means watching and enduring my drama almost all the time.
  14. Because you want me in YOUR world.
  15. You have the ability to turn my monster-mood to a happy-mood.
  16. Because you exactly know what i feel most of the time.
  17. Because you trust me more than i trust myself.
  18. Because you give.. even without me asking for it.
  19. You saw me in my bagong-gising-no-hilamos look and you managed not to run and go home. haha!
  20. You can stand my amount of jologs-ness.
  21. Because you let me know when you’re pissed.
  22. For not talking to me this past week.
  23. For loving my siblings.
  24. For your effort.
  25. Because you’re the first to make me feel so secure.
  26. For scolding me often. hehe
  27. For being a great friend.
  28. For introducing me to your family.
  29. For your pieces of advice which actually make sense.
  30. For letting me do whatever i want.
  31. For caring about my wellness.
  32. For constantly reminding me that you’re always there for me.
  33. and For loving me despite of who I am.
Actually there are still lots of reasons pero yan ang pinaka top para sakin..and I want to thank L for all of that reasons. Again..Advance Happy Birthday L. 

About tenshikyouryoko

Basically, my real name is Angel Agravante. I am using the name tenshi Kyouryoko in Japanese translation for which means "TENSHI=Angel"as for my first name and "KYOURYOKO=Brave" as for I want myself to stand. I am pretty athletic,artistic din..i can play guitar, i can draw, i can dance and sing at kung anu ano pa. What you see is what you get. I am game, im up for everything,as in everything. You only live once so i want to try everything and have no regrets. Kasi I dont want to look back and think that I wish I could have done this or that. Marami kasing bagay sa mundo ang masarap gawin pero yung iba hindi dapat. As long as your happy then go with it!...add me up on facebook its and follow me on twitter @iChugeTwitt and i will leave you this quote "you are who you are and that's all you can be... look at the world and say this is me, take it or leave it... who cares what others think" that's it folks!..
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