If you feel like no one cares about you, think again. Look in the mirror. Because the person you see, needs more than anyone else. If you only look and listen deep inside YOU, you’ll hear that little voice, that little girl that you often ignore and take for granted, because you are always overwhelmed with so many things in this world. But you know what, she needs you and she cries for your help, she wants your acceptance, your love. She’s been longing to tell you that, she loves you more than anyone could love you. That you are important, you are wonderful, that you are beautiful, that you are good enough no matter what they say. Please, love yourself.

– Lucera Galthikhor Alrmond

Sobrang ganda ng quote na yan, gustong gusto ko. Sometimes kasi its hard to recognize your own reflection eh.  Hayy ewan ko ba, minsan napaka nega ko, lakas kasi makahawa ng environment mo talaga..pag hindi kasi positive ang surroundings mo ang lakas makahatak eh, un lang din tingin ko kaya nahihirapan ako makaalis sa pagka nega. Mahirap kasi pag ikaw lang mag-isa. Biruin mo ikaw positibo ka tapos mga nakapaligid sayo negatibo, ang lakas ng hatak nila, ang lakas ng impact..Hayyysss…

Folks, this quote also goes out to guys who feel this way. Remember that you’re beautiful. You’re born beautiful. You’re born to be brave. You’re born this way.

Have a blessed evening guys


About tenshikyouryoko

Basically, my real name is Angel Agravante. I am using the name tenshi Kyouryoko in Japanese translation for which means "TENSHI=Angel"as for my first name and "KYOURYOKO=Brave" as for I want myself to stand. I am pretty athletic,artistic din..i can play guitar, i can draw, i can dance and sing at kung anu ano pa. What you see is what you get. I am game, im up for everything,as in everything. You only live once so i want to try everything and have no regrets. Kasi I dont want to look back and think that I wish I could have done this or that. Marami kasing bagay sa mundo ang masarap gawin pero yung iba hindi dapat. As long as your happy then go with it!...add me up on facebook its and follow me on twitter @iChugeTwitt and i will leave you this quote "you are who you are and that's all you can be... look at the world and say this is me, take it or leave it... who cares what others think" that's it folks!..
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  1. I never thought I would agree with this option.

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