When do you realize you want more out of life?

Love yourself and find you absolutely LOVE life!

( ang Lupet neng!)..haha..This was my status today in Facebook  and on Twitter. I have been thinking about so many things that happening in my life now. The changes in my attitude toward so many different aspects of life in general. It has taken me so so long to get to this point where I can actually say I am loving myself. hayyysss sa wakas!..haha I never thought I would ever see this day.. I had been stuck in a depression for such a long period of time. Kung noon pa siguro ako nagsulat ng blog about my personal life siguro malalaman nyo kung bakit I’ve been always stuck in that feeling of depression. Pero ngayon lang ako nagsimula magshare sa buhay ko, pwede ko naman sya i-share pero ayoko na balikan ang mga pangit na nakaraan. At naku, ewan ko ba sa sarili ko kung bakit gustong gusto ko pinapahirapan ang sarili ko e sa totoo lang ang dali dali ng buhay kung mag iisip ka lang ng mga bagay na pwede mo gawing resort para maging masaya. haist talga. hahaha.

May na-realize akong mga bagay bagay may nagbukas ng pinto sakin. I am seeing that I love to do certain things I reallly never had any interest of doing before. Like writing a blog and reading a lot. The thought of reading had always seemed to be a torture for me,why?kasi minsan pag titignan ko palang yung babasahin ko kung gano kahaba tinatamad na ko.hahaha.  But now I find it fun and interesting, yung pagka interes ko sa pagbababasa eh umabot na sa pinakatuktok and that was all for the purpose of self improvement. haha. Writing was never even an idea that I had even considered. I think a big part of that was lack of self confidence. What a great way to start thinking of what to write about( though I had written some blogs about new technology and gadgets way back 2010) .There is plenty right there to share pero im not confident with what i wrote kasi wala naman ako alam totally sa mga yon ukol lang din sa mga nababasa ko. I think the huge difference now is that I am doing this all for ME. I am doing it because I am my first priority. I am not putting myself last on the list anymore. This change in me can only mean one thing. I LOVE MYSELF!!! There I said it. I actually love myself. Enough to realize that I deserve to be the best I can be and at the top of my game. yahoooo!!!…

With all this said, I am absolutely loving life. It is really amazing how life works and that everything happens for a reason. The people you meet, the experiences you have. It is all in the GREAT plan that God has for us. I understand now why certain things happened to me in the past and that it all boils down to being a learning process. It is what I needed to go through in order to really be able to appreciate all that I have now in my life. God works in mysterious ways and it all is to help us be the most loving human beings we can be toward ourselves and others. This has all been such a process of growing as I take this journey of self discovery. My life has forever changed and I am so thankful for this new found LOVE of myself. It could not have come at a better time. My main goal when I turned 40 was to make sure that the next 40 some odd years were going to the best I could possibly make it within my power. I know I am on the right path and God only knows what is in store for me. And I know I can make it. I’d like to thank my family, relatives and closed friends for always being there for me….Love you all guys.


About tenshikyouryoko

Basically, my real name is Angel Agravante. I am using the name tenshi Kyouryoko in Japanese translation for which means "TENSHI=Angel"as for my first name and "KYOURYOKO=Brave" as for I want myself to stand. I am pretty athletic,artistic din..i can play guitar, i can draw, i can dance and sing at kung anu ano pa. What you see is what you get. I am game, im up for everything,as in everything. You only live once so i want to try everything and have no regrets. Kasi I dont want to look back and think that I wish I could have done this or that. Marami kasing bagay sa mundo ang masarap gawin pero yung iba hindi dapat. As long as your happy then go with it!...add me up on facebook its ann_agravante@yahoo.com and follow me on twitter @iChugeTwitt and i will leave you this quote "you are who you are and that's all you can be... look at the world and say this is me, take it or leave it... who cares what others think" that's it folks!..
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